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You Will Always Find Something New

We have a vision, a vision in which people gather to have a good time, experience visual enchantments, enjoy good high quality food including our classic gourmet meals, exotic desserts, European coffees, and specialty beverages. The Symposium Cafe restaurants offer a complete "Symmetry for the Senses"™.

The Symposium Cafe individual franchise owners are devoted and continually excel at offering and delivering complete customer service and satisfaction. Our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations is the vital heart of the Symposium experience.

Our menu choices are "Second to None"™. The extensive and well balanced menu of hearty meals, top quality desserts and specialty beverages are under constant consideration and evaluation. Attention to consumer trends, innovative signature products, and product quality and consistency ensure that the Symposium is a destination location for our customers.

We have been told that our 7-Day promotions are the most innovative and popular in the Ontario restaurant market! These unique specials were introduced in 2007, and were truly unique in the Ontario marketplace and years ahead of our competition. Visit a Symposium restaurant today and see for yourself why we are "Redefining the Cafe Experience!"™.

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