Premium Bar Menu, Vintage cocktails and Beer Menu

Symposium’s full service bar offers premium liquors, vintage cocktails, and a wide selection of draught beers, both domestic and imported. Symposium’s Saturday specials offer Sangria, Mojito and Draught beer pitchers as a special feature.

Happy Hour Features

$4 Caesars & $5 Mimosas
11am - 3pm

$4 PBR Draught, select Wines, Well shots
4 - 6pm

Standard Alcoholic Beverages Standard Serving Size Approx. Average Calories per Standard Serving Size
Red Wine (12%) 1 glass (142 ml/5 oz) 130
White Wine (12%) 1 glass (142 ml/5 oz) 120
Regular Beer (5%) 1 bottle (341 ml) 150
Light Beer (4%) 1 bottle (341 ml) 100
Spirits (40%) 1 shot (45 ml/1.5 oz) 100

Note: Actual calories of alcoholic beverages may vary; the addition of mixes will increase the calories of these beverages. Standard serving sizes are based on one drink as outlined in Canada's Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines.

The average adult requires approximately 2,000 to 2,400 calories per day; however, individual calorie needs may vary