Breakfast Club of Canada

Helping Breakfast Club of Canada to nourish our Communities

Children should go to school hungry for knowledge, not hungry for food.

When you recognize that 60% of a child’s academic learning happens before lunch, it is clear why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So when we saw the need in many of our Symposium neighbourhoods, it was with great enthusiasm that we partnered up with Breakfast Club Canada to help to ensure that BCC schools in our communities were supported in their breakfast programs.

Here’s how it works. A portion of each sale from our 7Day Specials feature, goes to help sustain a local BCC program school. So when you’re having Burgers & Beer on Monday, Martinis & Mussels on Wednesday, or enjoying our Thursday Dinner for Two, you’ll also be supporting a great cause. You enjoy a great deal – the children receive a nutritious meal. Our 7Day features have been so well-received that in 2014 we presented a cheque to the Breakfast Club of Canada for over $40,000! Thanks to our valued guests and the participation of each Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge location, the total dollar has grown to $103,000 and continues to grow monthly as we work together to help #feedourfuture.

The effects of a nutritious breakfast are many. Research shows that there are marked improvements in the following: behaviour and concentration, academic performance, self-confidence, and overall interest in school subjects. The way we see it, it’s something that has to be done; so we’re thankful for our guests’ participation, and extremely grateful for the involvement of all of our Symposium locations.

For more information on Breakfast Club of Canada or volunteering see or follow BCC @BreakfastCanada.