World Vision International

Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge Supports World Vision International

It’s all about giving back. With the opening of every new Symposium location, Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge commits to the sponsorship of another child through the World Vision International program. The Symposium family of restaurants has been embraced by our customers throughout Southern Ontario, and with their support, Symposium is able to help World Vision provide relief to children and families around the world. As we continue to grow, so does our support.

Through the ongoing partnership with World Vision, Symposium aids in transcending legal, structural, and cultural boundaries; and promotes the best process to provide and manage relief efforts to overcome poverty and injustice. We value people at Symposium, regardless of race, religion, culture, or gender, and these values are further reflected across the political and social boundaries on an international scale.

The efforts made by Symposium to support World Vision International would not be possible without the support of our valued customers and staff. We thank them for their continued patronage and hope they too are proud to be making a difference by living the World Vision motto of “building a better world for children”.

Contact for information and volunteering opportunities.